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Last week, a monumental decision by the US Supreme Court changed a significant issue with sales tax on e-commerce sales.   There are a lot of news stories out and we wanted to offer a condensed and timely update to our clients so that they can proceed with accurate knowledge. WHAT IS THE ISSUE? In 2017, […]

You may have followed a number of news stories lately about security on the internet.  From Facebook’s blunder with allowing data to be shared with Cambridge Analytica to data breaches at financial institutions and other headline-grabbing events, the topic of internet security is practically everywhere.   And, it’s about to get even more active. There used […]

Simplifying an Online Store When was the last time you bought something online? This morning? What do you remember about the checkout process on your store?  Was it simple, easy, and fast?  Was it labor intensive, time consuming and cumbersome? Well-built e-commerce websites are generally focused to capture increased click-throughs, conversions, sales, and (ultimately) revenue.  Every […]

The results from the fourth quarter of 2016 are now in and, as was pretty much expected, the volume and growth were outstanding.   Q4 saw overall e-commerce spending (from both mobile and desktop use) to be $109.3 billion – an 18% increase over the same timeframe in 2015.   Breaking down further, $86.6 billion […]

For the seventh straight year, purchases on Cyber Monday reached an all-time, record high as customers turned out in droves to pick up early Christmas shopping bargains and deals.  In 2016, some significant milestones were hit including: First Ever $1 billion shopping day on mobile devices  Net of $1,009 million in sales on Cyber Monday […]