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You may have followed a number of news stories lately about security on the internet.  From Facebook’s blunder with allowing data to be shared with Cambridge Analytica to data breaches at financial institutions and other headline-grabbing events, the topic of internet security is practically everywhere.   And, it’s about to get even more active. There used […]

There are more than 1.2 billion websites on the internet and more than 25% of them are powered by WordPress.   As a framework and Content Management System, WordPress is powerful, flexible, and easy to use.  Millions of users can attest to their simplicity and stability.   For many small businesses, WordPress has enabled higher-end design […]

This week we had a client who received an email from Microsoft.   Not unusual, considering that they use Microsoft products regularly and would expect to be marketed to by Microsoft. Our client (who has offices in several countries) noticed something unusual about this latest email, though. The Set Up To begin with, it was […]

If you have broadband internet access at home or your small office, there’s an ever-present concern about the security of that connection and how well it’s managed. The thought of a home router vulnerability is unlikely to concern you.  Like most homeowners or small businesses, you probably don’t have a network security professional handy.  If […]