Improving Reports for Web Statistics

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Every Monday morning the same email arrives in your inbox.  The arrival of your Google Analytics Report is dependable and consistent; it’s never late.  Yet, every time it arrives, you struggle.  There’s a reason you wanted this email.  When you agreed to receive this email, it certainly felt like a wise decision.  And yet, every time it arrives, you wonder exactly what you’re supposed to do with it.   Somehow this is supposed to be useful, but it feels particularly unhelpful.  The data is there – but it just doesn’t make sense.

Welcome to the trouble of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is the defacto standard for website statistical reporting and is used by just about everybody.   For those in the search optimization/search engine marketing world, Google Analytics (GA) is the bread-and-butter for their business.   And while much of the world uses GA for their tracking purposes, our experience is that most business managers and executives struggle.   Usually managers like the idea of tracking website performance, but the practice and experience of doing it proves to be painful.   Perhaps no more.

Introducing Google Data Studio

Google has a collection of extension tools, called Google Data Studio, and it’s now free to small business clients using GA statistics.  While first glance may give the impression that this is ‘just another tool’ for GA, the Data Studio Suite actually provides much more.    Data Studio provides management and leadership with an executive overview report that actually makes sense.  Customizable reports, filters, and data sets enable real business intelligence in a snap-shot, dashboard view.    Gone are the days of pouring over reports looking for salient and actionable decisions.


The best part of Google Data Studio is the customization and focus that can be driven into these reports.   Data Studio can support customized layouts, charts, and graphs that specifically address KPIs and metrics as needed.   The result is a real tool that helps make decisions and actions that are meaningful.

Looking for More

Many of our clients report that their use of GA is limited or even non-existent.  They appreciate that data is available, but rarely take the time to review and understand the (arguably cumbersome) reports.   Data Studio seeks to change this by making visually helpful and appealing custom report designs.   Samples of various report options include these:


Getting Started

If you could benefit from better reports and more accessible data visualization, contact us!   We can deliver information to help your management team make insightful, more accurate decisions.


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