DPH Custom Pins

DPH Custom Pins is a leading source for Little League and Custom pins, Custom Patches and Coins. DPH has licensing agreements with Little League Baseball to create products specifically for baseball, but has the capacity and creativity to design and product unlimited custom pieces for a global audience. 

Relationship Formed

September 2015

Provided Services

  • E-Commerce Web Development
  • Content Management System
  • Domain Name Management
  • Hosting
  • Web Maintenance
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics


Website Development & Maintenance

DPH Custom Pins had the unfortunate situation of having worked with an off-shore development partner who truly did not understand their needs. While they attempted to work with an India-based developer, project communication, expectations, and deliverables were all suffering. They needed a change, and they contacted The Ridgefield Group.  

We worked with DPH to redesign and secure their website. Hack attempts, fraudulent logins, and numerous other security challenges plagued their website until the Ridgefield team developed an entirely new website that retained all their products, inventory, pricing, and images. The end result was a significantly improved, more stable, and more secure website that met all expectations to deliver a high-quality, e-commerce experience for their customers.

From The Client

"We were in serious need of a serious solution. Our site had become so problematic that it was unsuitable anymore. We just couldn't use it. Thank goodness that we contacted The Ridgefield Group and they could help us! After we got our new website up and running, we've been able to sell more product, have greater success for our customers, and we have much greater security and stability. We cannot recommend them highly enough!"

Dawn Stewart, DPH Custom Pins

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