Pittsburgh Air Systems

Pittsburgh Air Systems is a leading regional supplier of commercial and industrial HVAC equipment, systems, controls, and consulting.   From major commercial installations, mission-critical healthcare designs, and challenging industrial applications, Pittsburgh Air Systems has the best minds in the business focusing customized solutions. 

Relationship Formed

January 2005

Provided Services

  • Web Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Hosting
  • Web Maintenance
  • Online Course Registration
  • Google Analytics


Website Development & Maintenance 

Not many people know much about HVAC systems.  Good thing that Pittsburgh Air Systems is around.  These guys are the gurus of all things related to air - especially when it comes to large, complex environments like airports, hospitals, universities, and convention centers.   And, when these experts needed web experts, they contacted The Ridgefield Group.  

Pittsburgh Air Systems was one of our first clients to embrace the value of Responsive Web Design.  They allowed us to develop their site to the newest standards - long before many companies were even aware of this new method of web design.   Leading on the cutting edge of technology is what Pittsburgh Air Systems is all about, and they trust The Ridgefield Group to help them stay in front of the curve online, everyday. 

From The Client

"As our fast pace high demand work day leaves little time to update and keep our website current, it is great to know we can count on The Ridgefield Group for supporting our needs.  Always quick to respond to requests that is one more thing off my "To Do List" that I can count on being done right."

Michael Voyten, Manager, Pittsburgh Air Systems

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