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We help small business gain a competitive space 
in the massive e-commerce marketplace.

The decision to sell online is no longer on option for small and medium businesses in the US.  E-commerce spending in the US for the holiday season of 2016 totaled over $63 billion! In 2016, Cyber Monday (the first Monday after Thanksgiving)  saw over $3 billion in sales alone - marking the largest single day of ecommerce transaction in history.  The Q4 holiday season included thirty individual days of sales topping $1 billion - the most ever. Every major hallmark of the 2016 holiday season eclipsed previous records. With such tremendous market potential for every industry and market, small businesses are poised to take advantage of this growth.

Ready For Mobile Commerce?

Setting up an online store is great, but it's just the beginning. In 2016, records fell as mobile e-commerce ("m-commerce") continued crushing retail brick-and-mortal sales. Customers are leveraging their smartphones and mobile tools with greater tools. The net result is that every e-commerce store simply must be prepared for handling and serving a m-commerce experience.   

The Ridgefield Group offers dynamic and native e-commerce platforms that transform your site into a powerful mobile selling tool. Your website will be ready - 24x7, on any device, on any platform for helping grow your sales engine.

2016 holiday shopping ecommerce spending

Have an Existing Store that Needs Help?

There are many online stores that are poorly executed. From sites that are broken and fail to convert visitors, to stores that don’t position product competitively, we’ve come across hundreds of stores that simply don’t meet their revenue potential. Our e-commerce stores offer the best-of-class approach to online selling, with creative, sophisticated features for marketing, pricing, shipping, and even multi-currency and integrated mobile support built in.

Building an Online Store is Never Enough

Building an E-commerce store is a great start — but it’s hardly enough to generate any significant revenues. Actively managing and marketing your new online store is key to the long-term success of the store. We can offer an array of services that assist our clients to promote and monitor their online store to maximize opportunity, build significant market following, respond to opportunities, and develop revenue streams. Our focus is set on building key audience demographics and maximize sales conversions for your store.

What We Offer

  • Consulting Services from Trained Business Professionals
  • Best-of-Class E-commerce development
  • Proven E-commerce development platforms
  • Payment gateway and merchant services integration
  • Powerful and flexible product features and options
  • Financial  Software and Shipping  integration
  • In-house E-commerce hosting
  • Monthly support and web store management
  • Analytical review of store performance and metrics for management decisions

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