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Executive-Level Marketing Services for your business

We develop and execute marketing strategy for small business.  

Many small businesses think that Marketing is the same as “Advertising”. Companies often just lump the terms together without another thought. Some think that marketing is just advertising, print collateral, and maybe a little PR or event planning.


The reality is that proper marketing is not a singular task — it’s a collective series of thoughtful, integrated decisions that reflect on the total customer experience. It's a stream of actions and deliberate choices which build upon each other and result in consistent interactions with customers.  

Our Services Include:

  • Marketing Strategy & Execution
  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Consumer Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Communications
  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Crisis Communications
  • Spokesperson and Public Speaker
  • Product Marketing
  • Product Management
  • Market Analysis and Definition
  • Channel Marketing
  • Field Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization (SEM/SEO)

Your Small Business Needs Help.  We're Ready Now!

While every company “should” market themselves, its clear that not every firm does. The step that most leaders miss is the strategic marketing planning, which directs all marketing efforts of the company. Instead of a strategic, thoughtful approach, firms throw limited dollars at problems, often mistaking  the newest fad for the proverbial “silver bullet” to their problems.

This approach to marketing is somewhat understandable — few small businesses have dedicated, professional marketing personnel on their teams. Budgets are tight and hiring new employees is risky, takes considerable effort and time. How is a small business supposed to develop a creative, purposeful, and actionable marketing plan when they have trouble just getting through their daily routines? How can they possibly hope to add a Chief Marketing Officer to their enterprise?

Chief Marketing Office Services

For practically every firm, hiring a third-party service provider is very common. Accountants, lawyers, and real estate agents are often accessed this way. Now, small businesses needing reliable, effective Marketing Strategy and Support can have these services too.


The Ridgefield Group has many years of experience assisting our clients with overall marketing strategy and implementation. Now, we’re available to assist our clients by providing strategic marketing leadership to your firm. Engaging The Ridgefield Group as your Chief Marketing Officer enables you to expand your marketing reach, develop integrated approaches, and have c-level effort – without the cost.

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