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Data Backup & Remote Storage

Peace of mind and sanity - knowing your data is securely stored and recoverable!

Backing-up Your Entire Infrastructure

No matter your type of business, your data is invaluable and irreplaceable. Data that is constantly being changed and needs to be readily available at any moment. You can't afford to lose this information. The Ridgefield Group offers a complete disaster recovery platform, preventing any backup and recovery issues.  


Those who have suffered a data loss already know the great importance of backups. People are willing to pay a lot of money for external storage, but the downfall is the hours or days that it takes to restore the backup. The Ridgefield Group has a better solution for you. Our system does more than provide external storage. If a server goes down, The Ridgefield Group can assume the role of that server, while still performing backups. Your network is still live while we fix your server.

This is the best, bullet-proof solution for data backup and disaster recovery!

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