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Managed Hosting Services

High-performance computing without the burden of ownership.

High Performance 
No Upgrades Required

Taking advantage of Managed Hosting Services enable you to focus on your business while we keep your IT environment up, running and up-to-date.

In the endless quest for higher performance, hampered by tighter budgets and lessening resources, it’s tough to find a server or application hosting model that doesn’t sacrifice one technical requirement for another. If you want to achieve performance without compromise, our Managed Hosting Services can help.

With our high-level IT infrastructure, The Ridgefield Group helps transform IT into a flexible asset, allowing you to reduce ongoing hardware and OS management while freeing up resources to innovate and grow your business.

Read on to learn how The Ridgefield Group Managed Hosting Solutions can be a critical part of your Hybrid IT strategy by reducing complexity while increasing the agility and reliability of your IT infrastructure.

Ready to Begin? 

If you're ready for smooth, reliable  service on a scalable network that supports all your bandwidth needs,  you're ready to work with us!

What's included:  

  • Website Control Panel
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • FrontPage Extensions
  • Free eCommerce/Cart
  • Free Blog, Chat, Boards
  • CGI, Perl, PHP, MySQL
  • SSL, SSH, FTP, Stats
  • Superior "QWIK" Support

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