Peter Droege
Step 13

Step13"I am delighted to provide my recommendation for The Ridgefield Group to perform any tasks within their considerable range.  I've contracted them for multiple projects and they consistently delivered tools, interfaces, and results that transformed our organizations.

Solidarity Institute - The Ridgefield Group built a forward-thinking community organization platform that served to coordinate social and political initiatives including providing greater educational opportunities for at-risk students.

Daniels Fund - The Ridgefield Group did a heroic job under difficult circumstances to transform a non-functioning website into one that was often referred to as among the best foundation websites in the United States.

Bill Daniels Legacy Kiosk - The team at Ridgefield took a rough concept and delivered a touchscreen kiosk and online interface that pre-dated the iPhone and holds up to this day as an example of how touch screen interface and design should work.

Step 13 - The Ridgefield Group completed a new website for our residential recovery program in Denver that allows us to leverage social media in a powerfully new way.

Driven to Donate - This new website developed by the Ridgefield team allows us to partner with other non-profits to create and manage  vehicle donation programs.  Interfacing with our Saleforce system, this scalable tool is easy-to-use and helps us serve our partner organizations every day. Given my history with the Ridgefield Group, it goes without saying that I hold them in the highest regard."

We market to a very select group of end users and The Ridgefield Group came up with a great website solution for us. We’ve been a very happy customer for over 5 years now.  Full Testimonial
Dan Moes
Phoenix Supply, General Manager

I've contracted The Ridgefield Group for multiple projects and they consistently delivered tools, interfaces, and results that transformed our organizations. Full Testimonial

Peter Droege
Step 13, Executive Director
We could not have achieved such a robust web presence without the expertise of the Ridgefield Group. I highly recommend them. Full Testimonial
Sal Talarico
OAPT, Director of Education and Website Administrator
The Ridgefield Group tailored a plan for my company that is effortless to follow and is a fraction of the cost of any other participating vendor. They have been a part of our growth for the past several years. Full Testimonial
JJ Bernabei
Tri-State Medical Group, Owner
Not only have they been a dependable and valuable resource for us, but their work has been thorough, reliable, and uncompromising.  We would recommend them without hesitation. Full Testimonial
Bob Fifield
Reliance Data Solutions, President
BHJ made the right choice when we selected The Ridgefield Group, Inc. Your professionalism and talent are evident from the beginning to the end of the project. Full Testimonial
Linda Taylor
BHJMPC, Office Manager
As our fast pace high demand work day leaves little time to update and keep our website current, it is great to know we can count on The Ridgefield Group for supporting our needs. Full Testimonial
Michael A. Voyten
Pittsburgh Air Systems, Manager
Working with The Ridgefield Group was amazing!  Having tried to build my own website through a "cookie cutter, up in minutes, look professional and open the doors site"  I quickly discovered it's not as easy as the commercials led me to believe.  Read more...
Sandy Heinz
We contacted The Ridgefield Group to create something 'out of the air' for our organization and they did just that.  We had no website and knew nothing about creating one.  The team at The Ridgefield Group came to the rescue.  They researched our organization and were able to come to the table with incredible insights as to what should be on the site.  It seemed as if they were part of our group!  We are up and running and everyone in our nonprofit organization is so happy with the ease and use of our website.  Thanks very much!
Stacey Spear